Welcome. Ready to take a trip with me? Then come along for a ride.

I am an actor, writer, film producer, freelance writer, copy editor, proofreader, blogger, and copywriter; with experience in grant and article writing, inspirational articles, and essays; as well as editing documents and manuscripts.  

Further, I am a truth seeker, spiritual counselor and student of life. I believe in a world that works for everyone. I have experience as a self-help consultant and counselor, and I’m an activist and writer for women’s and children’s rights, and all who are abused, misused or victimized.  Everyone should have the right and freedom to live life as she or he chooses. My passion is to actively spread this message to the world.

Early in my career, l established and managed drug rehab programs, and was charged with writing funding grants to keep human services programs operating from year to year.

Grant writing allowed me to segue into writing professionally, where I created audition monologues for acting students, as well as Standard Operating Procedures, Training Manuals and newsletters for non-profit and profit-making organizations. As a freelance writer, I provide blogging and writing services over a wide platform.

As a customer service-oriented person, I have provided training, consulting,  counseling, and support to a wide variety of people in governmental and business organizations, and testifying before state Legislatures on key health issues.

While servicing governmental agencies, I learned a lot about the pros and cons of political culture, which provides me with ample fodder for my writer’s point of view. And as a Freelance Writer, I create fiction and nonfiction articles, essays, blog posts, and other web content. I also proofread and edit documents for authors, while still finding the time to work on my memoir.

My way of seeing things will not resonate with everyone, but I believe in telling it like I see it. My blog posts will no doubt make that obvious. But if you stick around, at least we can have enlightened discussions along the way.